Algebra Problems Year 7                                                                      

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Examples Page Ref  Problem Title Objectives Ref Description Key Words
112, 124 Input Output Express Relationships Describe the rule connecting the dual Inputs to the Output Symbols, Mapping, Table, Relationship, Function
116, 122 Bad Dog! Construct and solve simple equations Cheery the Dog has just swallowed Sweety the Cat - how heavy were they each beforehand?! Like Terms, Solve, Equation
116 Three Numbers Simplify expressions Find the original numbers, given the sums of the three taken in pairs Simplify, Solve, Equation
122, 140 MultiChoice Exam Solve Simple Equations How many correct and incorrect answers give a total score of 210 marks? Trial, Equation
123, 127 High But Friendly Simultaneous Equations Linear Equations, Elimination Simultaneous equations in 5 unknowns ... but easy to guess their relative sizes and hence solve (honest!)  Unknown, Expression, Substitute, Solution
30, 144 Shelf Tidying Sequences, Justify methods How quickly can you put the Star Trek videos back in order? Sequence, Proof
 144, 229 Britain Rules The Weights? Binary, Sequences Metric weights aren't quite as efficient as you would hope... Predict, Sequence
148, 10 Clock Arithmetic Sequences, Checking Predictions A simple but surprising Modulo puzzle Sequence, Predict, Modulo, Check
149 Parking Meters  Sequences, Spreadsheets A mixture of dollars and quarters make up $29.50 - how many coins of each type, 43 in total? Calculate, Sequence
154, 262 The Knockout Tournament Sequences How many games are needed in a tournament for 100 teams? How many byes etc?  Predict, Generate, Verify
175 Die Hard Graphs, Sequences The old Jugs problem, with a 'graphical' hint  Coordinates, Graph, Sequence