Paper Sizes

 The Problems :


 The paper sizes A0, A1, A2, ¼ are all similar rectangles. That is, the ratio of (length÷width) is the same for all of them, from the biggest to the smallest.

 For any value of n, two size A( n + 1 ) sheets can be made by cutting one sheet of size A n in half.

 A sheet of size A0 has area one square metre.

 What are the dimensions of a sheet of size A4, to the nearest millimetre?  

Show by folding that a sheet of size A4 really does have its side lengths in the ratio you have found.


A manufacturer makes blocks of polystyrene foam in sizes called B0, B1, B2, etc, which are all similar rectangular blocks, and for any value of n, two size B( n + 1 ) blocks can be made by cutting one block of size Bn in half.  

A block of size B0 has volume one cubic metre.

What are the dimensions of a block of size B6, to the nearest millimetre? 

What is the ratio of the 3 sides to each other ?

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