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I do apologise for the recent demise of - the domain registration was bought up (slyly, for short-term commercial profit!) by a Las Vegas company...! Made me feel wanted, anyway. 

So - welcome to the "1000 Problems to Enjoy" Web Site. This site has been designed by Maths Teachers for Maths Teachers as a source of  "ready made" Maths Problems for pupils of all abilities within Key Stage 3 and 4. The same Problems are available on the excellent CountOn web-site. Look for the link to 'Problem Bank' (

The Site is structured around the DfEE document - Framework for Teaching Mathematics: Years 7, 8 and 9      -     and uses both individual Page references  and 'Objective' and 'Key words' references from this document. The aim has been to provide an easy-to-use supplement and expansion of the existing Supplement of Examples, but to deliberately aim to showcase the beauty and unexpected nature of Mathematics, as opposed to the utility of Numeracy alone.

Since Key Stage 4 hasn't been Frameworked (yet...!), material based on the GCSE syllabi, such as Circle Theorems, Further Algebra, Graphs of Quadratics etc, appear in the Extension section of this Site.

Many of these Problems are also ideally suited for A Level students to tackle for homeworks just like they do when using some math assignment writing service

Our long term aim is to build up a comprehensive library of problems in a format that is simple to access, download and customize for your own use. For those of you who are new to the site we would recommend that you read our "New Users Guide" by clicking here. This will explain the site structure, how the problems are organized and also how to download them.

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