Sculpt Big or Sculpt Small ?

 The Problem :

 A sculptor has the moulds to cast similar solid bronze figures of height either 20 cm or 40 cm. She can sell these figures for 30 and 150 respectively. If her main cost is the cost of the bronze, which size figure is it more profitable for her to make ?

 What difference might it make to your advice if the figures were hollow ?

 The Investigation :

 If 2 such hollow figures were made, in the unlikely but simple ! forms of cubes 20 cm and 40 cm high, out of 1 cm thick bronze, then how much bronze would be required in each case, and what would be the relevant ratio ? 

What advice would you give the sculptor ?

What difference would it make to your advice if the figures were still cast in 1 cm thick bronze, but were only  4 cm and 8 cm high ? 

How does the thickness of the bronze and the size of the figures affect the advice generally ?

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Last modified: June 18, 2007