Number Plates 

The Problem : 

Observation games to play in the car can help pass the time - or can lead to screams of “unfair“ if one person is clearly more likely to win than the other.

 Here is a game I played with my passenger on the motorway the other day - and we couldn’t decide whether it was a “fair” game or not. Can you help ?


 I scored a point every time the car in front had its numbers in ascending order of size. So G259RAL  scored me a point, as did   R17KLK  , and I thought   V  3 FTS   should be counted as well, as it certainly wasn’t out of order . However   D566HGW   didn’t do it for me, sadly, and neither did   B841WER. 

My sworn enemy next to me scored points every time the car in front had its group of 3 letters in correct alphabetical order. So   T253ALP   was good for her, as well as   T49RTX, but, again,   K468DYY   wasn’t allowed. Some number plates, like   A469RYZ   scored us a point each.

 What we want to know is : is this a fair game that we can continue to play in the future, or is one person definitely more likely to win in the long run ?

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Last modified: June 18, 2007