Statistics Problems Extension                                   

To view the problem statement, double click on the problem title. This will open up the problem in a new window. From there, you can download the full problem-and-solution Word document.

Examples Page Ref  Problem Title Objectives Ref Description Key Words
281 How Much To Play? (Multi-Event) Probability,  An intro to 'expected values', as you find a fair price for a gamble.. Sample Space, Tree diagram, Theory
155, 201, 281 Ringing The Changes Identify all outcomes Working through permutations of 4 'bells', using systematic sequencing. Has a very beautiful solution, modelled as the vertices of a truncated Octahedron ! Exhaustive, Sequences
121, 281, 285 Domino Match Probability, Identify all outcomes What's the likelihood of any 2 dominoes matching each other ? Nice algebraic cancelling ... Sample Space, Tree diagram, Theory
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