New in May 2005:


Do YOU have any Problems you've seen for the first time recently? Then SEND THEM IN!

As you browse through the Problems we have collected, you will see some you are already familiar with, some you think you may have seen before, and some you definitely haven't seen before.

The idea is to act as a central base where 'good practice' may be shared, and problems That Have Worked For You may be allowed to work for others also. This can only happen if people like YOU send in your favourite Problem of the moment. Please don't be worried that it's not original or not terribly clever... if it's worked for you, it will probably work for others too! Use the Submit A Problem form to drop the idea my way...

As the site develops, new Problems will constantly be appearing in the lists, and this Page will mention them for the first few weeks, so that you don't miss that beautiful New Arrival in the mass of the familiar.

We hope you like what you see, and that these Problems give you and your students both work and fun.

If you do not have MS Word then you will not be able to view the entire 'Problem' Word document without first downloading Word Viewer from the link below. Some people find that they are blocked from opening the Word documents by a request for permission etc.

I don't have any solution for this, I'm afraid. If it happens a lot, start using the CountOn version of this Problem Bank (  - it's been set up by professionals...!

You will still be able to view the Problem itself on the Web page, of course - just no solutions etc...

Word Viewer    for viewing all the worksheet files if you don't have Word. 

[ Double-click on the icon above. Choose to save the Instal95.exe file to disk. Once downloaded to your home computer's Desktop, double- click on the Instal95.exe icon which has appeared there, and Word Viewer will be installed to a folder of your choice.

Once you have installed WordViewer, you may open any Word file simply by double-clicking on it. ]


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