Statistics Problems Year 8                     

To view the problem statement, double click on the problem title. This will open up the problem in a new window. From there, you can download the full problem-and-solution Word document.

Examples Page Ref  Problem Title Objectives Ref Description Key Words
24 Friendly tennis Handling Data Is it possible to arrange a tennis schedule for a group of friends Investigate data
100, 206, 261 Mean Square Calculate Statistics, Puzzles A Magic Square, using means Average, Mean
81, 91, 233, 261 Average Speed Speed, Averages A nice introduction to ratio methods for combining average speeds over 2 sections of a journey Speed, Average
281 Unbeatable Dice 2-Event Probability A nice way to earn money in a Pub ?! Tree diagram, Notation
281 Number Plates List all outcomes Who is most likely to win this 'travel past-time' game ? Exhaustive
257, 261  A Mean Calculation Calculate Statistics, Assumed Mean  Using smaller numbers to simplify the calculation of means of larger numbers Average, Mean
 261  All Means Possible Averages  Constructing an 'average' rod from two unequal rods  Average, Mean
 281 Fair's Fair   List all outcomes, 2-Event Probability  Can a pair of dissimilar dice really make a 'fair pair' when thrown together?!  Sample Space 
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